Cute Medium-Short Layered Bob Hairstyle

Cute Medium Short Layered Bob HairstyleThis Cute Medium-Short Hairstyle is part Shag Haircut and part Bob Haircut.  The Bottom Length is Cut to the Jaw and Beveled Layers are cut into the Bottom Interior of the Hair.  Make sure not to cut the Top Layers Too Short.  A Longer Bang is Cut to the Side with a Downward Angle.  Model has a Thicker Hair Texture but this Shaggy Bob Hairstyle would also work well with a Finer Hair Texture.

TO STYLE: Shampoo Hair with a Volumizing Shampoo then follow with a Volumizing Conditioner.  Towel dry hair and apply a Volumizing Mousse to damp hair.  Using a Vent Brush Blow-dry the Back of the hair by either Flipping the hair out or turning the hair under.  Whichever way you desire.  Turning the Hair Under will look more like a Bob Hairstyle while Flipping the Hair Out will Look more like a Shag Hairstyle.  Blow-dry the Sides Towards your Face while Turing the Hair Under with the Vent Brush.  Dry the Crown of the Hair in a Backward motion, Lifting the hair up as you dry, for added Height in the Crown.  Blow-dry the Top forward, towards your face and over to one side, while smoothing the hair as you dry.  You can also slightly turn the Bang under in the Front with the Vent Brush.  Style hair into place and Mist with a Light-hold Hairspray.  If you were to tuck the Sides behind the Ears this Hairstyle would also look more like a Shag.  Like most Short Hairstyles this one is Easy to Style and Maintain.  This Hairstyle is also an option if you are growing-out your hair from a Short Haircut.


Cute Sassy Short Carefree Hairstyle

Cute Sassy Short HairstyleCute Sassy Short Hairstyle is cut to Chin Length, Textured Wispy Layers are cut through-out interior.  The Front Bang Area  is Textured, and cut on an angle off to the side.  This is a great Carefree Messy Short Hairstyle that is easy to maintain and style.  Apply a Volumizing Serum to damp hair and blow dry top forward & over to the side, and blow-dry the sides under with a Paddle Brush.  Use a Flat-Iron to flip-out select strands for a more Messy Carefree Style.  Finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.


Cute Short Curled Wedge Bob Haircut

Cute Short Wedge HaircutCute Short Curled Wedged Bob Hairstyle.  This is a Cute Wedge Bob Hairstyle for someone that has a fine hair texture.  Length is cut just below the ear, resting right around the Jaw line.  Beveled Layers can be cut through-out the interior, slightly layering the interior will give this Wedge-Bob Hairstyle a little extra volume.  Apply Volumizing serum to damp hair and blow-dry smooth with a paddle brush.  Divide hair into sections.  Use a Medium-Barrel curling iron and curl sections in different directions, curl sections both forward and backward.  Comb-out curls with your fingers and use a Light-hold Hairspray to finish.

Cute Medium-Short Layered Hairstyle

Cute Medium-Short Layered HairstyleThis is a great Short Sassy Hairstyle that isn’t cut super short, more of a “medium-short” length which makes it easier to grow-out.  Length is cut to the chin and layered through-out interior with a full wispy bang.  This Sassy Hairstyle is styled forward and flat-ironed to flip-out.  For a more Polished Style, blow-drying everything under and smooth with a flat iron!  Either way you style, this is a great cut that’s very versatile and not too short.

Cute Short Sassy Carefree Hairstyle

Cute Short Sassy HairstyleThis Cute Short Soft Layered Hairstyle rests just below the ears on the sides, has a full side-swept wispy bang, and is layered through-out the interior.  Apply volumizing serum to damp hair and blow-dry under.  Use a flat iron to flip out strands of hair, apply light hold hairspray to finish.

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