Cute Short Sassy Haircut

Cute Short Sassy HaircutVery Cute Sassy Short Haircut. This Short Crop is cut above the ears and Choppy Layers are cut through-out the interior. The sides are left a little longer to get that wispy piecey look.  Adding texture to this Haircut with a Razor gives this Cute short Hairstyle a mild spikey look to it. The Bangs have more of a blunt cut to them, but look to be “chipped” at the bottom. “Chipping” the Bangs leaves more of a blunt en-even look at the edge instead of a wispy un-even look.  Think of how a pair of “pinking shears” work, this is the same type of  effect on this Haircut.  Some refer to this technique as “Point Cutting”.  This is a Cute short Haircuts that you can make all your own.

TO STYLE:  This Cute Sassy Haircut is pretty easy to style.   Apply a volumizing serum prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry the hair in the back down right against your head.  then blow-dry the hair “over to the side and forward” starting at the crown area. You can use a vent brush for lift OR just use your fingers and lift as you dry. When completely dry, use a pomade or wax on the ends to “piece” the hair out on top, and wisp the sides along your face.  This Cute Sassy Hairstyle requires minimal styling time.

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